Impact doors

Impact doors not only hold up against Florida’s highest building codes, these products also protect your home from hurricane winds and debris. Storm doors come in custom sizes, and these premium hurricane doors are built to last. An impact door differs from a standard door in how they’re engineered and the standards these products are required to meet. Read on to learn more about the benefits of buying a storm door.

Why Buy an Impact Resistant Door?

Not only can a hurricane door improve the look of your home, providing a veritable facelift, an impact door can also help you control your energy costs. It’s true: a storm door is engineered to be more energy efficient than standard doors. Moreoever, an impact door can also be effective in keeping out intruders, while at the same time improving the structural integrity of your home in the event of a hurricane. Impact resistant doors can truly exceed your expectations when it comes to hurricane protection.

Impact resistant doors are a serious investment. For this reason, we’ve created this blog pertaining to impact windows storm doors to help consumers decide if it’s the right choice for them. Before buying an impact door, you should consult with a reputable professional with considerable experience in impact resistant door installation. Doing your research on storm windows and hurricane doors could ultimately save you money and help your family enjoy peace of mind during  a major storm. Feel free to browse through our impact doors blog to learn more about the benefits of installing a hurricane door in your home.