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For over 15 years, our professionals have worked hard to earn homeowners’ trust, developers, and architects, building a strong reputation for integrity, dependability and all-around excellence regarding storm windows Florida. We offer innovative, cutting-edge technology in impact windows and doors to our fellow residents. Our products entail a smoothly operating system, incorporating strength in material, durability and innovative design, adding up to a wonderful complement to residential and commercial structures and buildings all over Florida.

Hurricane Protection South Florida

Hurricane Replacement Windows

Hurricanes happen to be an aspect of life for all South Florida residents. We’ve all experienced the “hurricane countdown”: boarding up our homes, stocking up on supplies, and once the storm passes, waiting without power for life to return to normal. Now, if you would consider for a moment … when the next big hurricane happens … do you really feel secure? Is your home and family protected against flying debris from strong hurricane winds?

Within your home dwells your love and soul. Your house is more than just a residence – it is a sanctuary holding years of memories. Our passion is Hurricane protection Florida; ensuring the safety of you and your love ones is very important to our team. It is natural to presume that your home’s windows and doors are acceptable, but can the average individual really tell by appearance if they’ve been properly installed? Are your eyes trained to pick up on what to be on the lookout for?

With Orlando Window & Doors Orlando, we leave no doubt. We’re here for all South Floridians, whether you need a window company Miami, Broward or Palm Beach. Our dependable specialists approach every project with pride in their workmanship. The trust we strive to earn is the basis of the lasting relationships we’ve built with our customers. You are invited to browse our large collection of hurricane protection products. Every product we offer meets the strict building codes of Florida. In other words, our windows and doors are not only strong and elegant; these products go well above and beyond all expectations of what is achievable when protecting your house during a hurricane.

Storm Windows Florida

Our company had installed countless units hit directly by the streak of massive storms that struck the Sunshine State in 2004 and 2005. Not a single product failure was reported after these storms. Moreover, our products pass all of the following tests:

• Air & water infiltration
• Forced entry resistance
• Structural load
• Sound mitigation for airports (federal government)
Please contact our experienced professionals before you make a decision to on improve your home’s structural safety and appearance (or office or commercial properties).

We’re a reliable window company Miami, offering the best Florida-approved and Miami Dade County-approved impact windows and doors. These include custom replacement windows and doors, available at wholesale prices. We offer a wide selection of high impact windows and doors, hurricane resistant windows and doors, custom mahogany doors, storm proof windows and doors which include aluminum or vinyl windows and doors, pocket sliding glass doors, security impact windows and doors, French doors, patio doors, sliding glass doors, casement windows, single hung windows, impact rated folding, horizontal roller windows, 90 degree sliding glass doors, , motorized sliding glass doors, commercial storefront doors, curtain wall systems, bi-fold sliding glass doors, hurricane proof entry doors, automated entry doors, entry systems, custom glass artwork and etching, impact rated garage doors, motorized screens, and disaster recovery restoration systems.

Florida Impact Windows & Doors provide window and door installation, window and door exports, window permitting and engineering services, architectural drawings, window and door waterproofing, window and door service and maintenance programs, window and door project management and also carry a selection of premium hurricane protection products. We specialize in Residential and commercial window and door projects, including office buildings, condominium buildings (mid-rise and high-rise), retail complexes, restaurants, shopping malls, medical buildings and town homes. Lastly, we also provide hurricane protection products and services for remodels, renovations, new construction and retro-fits.

Laminated Glass Used for Impact Windows and Doors

PVB interlayer is fabricated by Dupont and PGT under the registered brand Butacite. This interlayer helps by retaining glass shards in case of breakage. Dupont offers this interlayer in clear, translucent white and other solid tints. In Florida, the translucent white is a popular choice when privacy is desired, such as in cabana bathrooms (bathrooms leading to a backyard or pool area). This option is a nice alternative to obscure glass.

The SGP interlayer, also manufactured by DuPont, is more rigid and less likely to tear than PVB. This interlayer permits less glass deflection, a good characteristic for hurricane zones. As a result, impact windows manufacturers use SGP in their larger windows or those windows designed for the highest wind zones.

For more information, you can search for related information such as PGT Windows and Doors

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Save Money With Hurricane Windows and Doors

Do your energy bills seem to be higher than they should be? If so, you may be losing money out of your windows! Many traditional windows allow heat to escape your home during the winter and cool air to escape during the summer. This, in turn, results in high energy bills as your heating and cooling system works overtime to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Replacement storm windows and doors

However, there is a great way for you to solve this common problem, and it is by replacing your traditional windows with hurricane impact windows. Due to their unique construction, impact windows are highly energy-efficient, which can help you save loads of money on your monthly heating and cooling costs. The initial investment that you will pay for hurricane windows is minimal, and your investment will pay off in just a few short years.

How Much Damage Can Hurricanes Cause to The Windows in Your Home?

Florida is most known by vacationers as a beautiful, sunny and warm destination. However, if you are a resident of the state, you know that hurricane season is a major concern from May through November. While peak season in Florida runs from late August to late September, it is best to prepare your home before May approaches.

florida hurricane damage home

The Devastation of Hurricanes

The winds of a hurricane can reach as high as 100 miles per hour and can throw large objects around as if they weighed no more than a feather. This can include cars, sheds, street signs and toppled trees, all of which can smash into your home. Furthermore, hurricanes can also cause severe flooding in basements and low-lying areas.

In the case of category four or five hurricanes, it is best to seek shelter outside of your home. However, if you are unable to leave your house for one reason or another, you should remain in your smallest room until the storm subsides. Bathrooms or walk-in closets that do not have any windows are the best choices.

What Else Can You Do?

Another great and effective way to protect you and your family during hurricane season is to invest in high-impact windows and doors for your home. Hurricane-force windows and doors are specially-designed to withstand even the strongest winds of hurricanes and tropical storms.

Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to your home if you are not prepared. However, when you choose to install high-impact windows and doors in your home, you can be sure that you, your family and your home will be safe in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Impact Windows: A Better Way to Protect Your Home

If you are a homeowner in Florida, you already know that the state is a beautiful place to live. With its blue skies, warm weather and sandy beaches, Florida offers many benefits to residents. However, when you live in this sunny state, you must also be prepared for severe weather in the form of tropical storms and hurricanes.

The main concern for Florida homeowners during hurricane season is how to protect their homes against hurricane-force winds and flying debris. In the past, their only options were to board their windows up or invest in hurricane shutters. While some shutters are attractive, they are not completely efficient. Shutters often loosen during extremely strong winds.

Nevertheless, there is a better way to protect your home, and it is to replace your existing windows with impact windows. Impact windows are not only highly efficient in protecting your home from even the worst hurricane-force winds they can be quite attractive too.

Furthermore, since impact windows are designed to withstand the strong winds from a hurricane, you do not have to worry about anyone breaking into your home through a smashed window. What better way to protect your family?