AWP Window Products

WP, LLC. has always targeted the end user by making things simple and easy while producing an enduring product. Moreover, our products are designed for easy window installation and maintenance by the installer.

AWP, LLC. was founded in 1958 to create products for the ultimate consumer. All of our products are easily installed, maintained, and most importantly — long lasting. Our assembly line also allows us to maintain low prices.

Since the beginning, we have serviced only to distributors, lumber yards, hardware stores, builders, contractors, and exporters, allowing us to manufacture in volume. Because we deal with a knowledgeable industry, we can concentrate on service more than sales (our network of distributors will handle all sales).

AWP, LLC. not only manufactures high quality aluminum, PVC (Vinyl) windows and doors for the industry, but also offers engineering support to all our distributors, architects, contractors, or prospective buyers (always call for information on Coastal Zone and ASCE 7-88).